Wolverine Wolverine Reaper bluetooth gen 2 M4

Artikelnummer: Wolverine Reaper bluetooth gen 2 M4
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Wolverine Reaper bluetooth gen 2 M4




  • V2 Gearboxes
    • M4 platforms, ICS split gearboxes, V2.5 gearboxes
  • V3 Gearboxes
    • AK, AUG, G36, etc…
  • M249 Gearboxes
    • STONER, SAW, Support Weapons, etc…






  • BOLT technology packaged for AEG rifles

  • Consistent seating force regardless of operating pressure

  • Air-saver can be tuned with simple spring change, eliminating the need for separate nozzles and cages

  • Backwards compatible with Gen 1 cylinder, cage, and solenoid

  • Spring-loaded nozzle means that the BB is seated exactly the same every time, regardless of inconsistent regulator refresh rate

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