TAG Points

At TAG-SHOP.NL you can save for a discount. The discount that you save is calculated on your settled order. After 14 days it is possible to use your saved credit on a new order.

When you purchase an item using points, only the costs incurred will be credited upon return. you will then have lost the saved points.

if you return an item that has provided a savings, and you used this savings on a new order that does not return, then tag-shop.nl may offset this later received credit with the billing value to be returned.

example, you buy an item of € 100. and you receive € 5 in credit. you use this credit for a new purchase. You ultimately return an item of € 100. then you will receive a refund of € 100- € 5 = € 95

tag-shop.nl is not responsible for loss of your login details.

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