raven Raven MAGAZINE 1911/MEU

Artikelnummer: Raven MAGAZINE 1911/MEU
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Raven is het merk dat uitgebracht is door NUprol.

The magazine is constructed with an Alloy Body, with Polymer Feed Lips and an extended Polymer Base Plate. The magazine holds up to 22 rounds by 'double stacking' the magazine, letting the BBs sit next to each other next to each other rather than in a single line. The magazine is filled with 6mm Airsoft BBs from either the front or the top by hand or by using an Airsoft Speed Loader. The Magazine is filled with standard Airsoft Green Gas Bottles by the inlet valve at the bottom of the Magazine. This magazine is a must have for those who own a Raven MEU 1911 Pistol, as it allows you to carry more rounds without having to stop and load BBs into the magazine
Matte Black Finish
Metal construction
Polymer feed lips
Double stack magazine
22 BB capacity
Fixed Base plate
Filled with BBs from the Top or Front
Bottom Filled from standard Green Gas Bottles
Perfect Spare / Replacement Magazine
Package Includes:
Special Instructions:
Though designed for the Raven MEU M1911 Pistols, the magazine is also compatible with Toyko Marui M1911 Pistols. 
Always keep gas in your magazines to ensure the seals remain inflated. This prevents leaking magazines. Your magazines do not need to be full of Gas to keep them healthy. We also recommend use of "Abbey Predator Maintenance Gas 270ml" whilst your magazines are being stored to keep them in top condition.
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